Sunday, August 31, 2014

Meet the Blogger!

I'm Sarah. I'm currently studying Library and Information Science at Wayne State University. Before I jumped back into school I got my BA in Film and Video Production from Columbia College in 2011.  I've since moved back to Livonia and am currently working at Co-Op Services Credit Union as a Member Service Representative. While I enjoy certain parts of my job I am very much looking forward to moving into something that is a better fit for me.

I've always been a bookish person. I've taken classes in book binding, been a member of online book clubs, and currently run a blog dedicated to all things literary. I'm hoping to use my LIS degree to find a way to combine my love for books, especially old ones, and my obsession with all things digital, preferably by working in an archive.

Here are two of my favorite things-
Books and my pup Oskar

I'm very excited to be in this class because I'm still trying to figure out what kind of library or information institute would suit me best. Besides gaining a basic understand of the history of libraries I'm looking forward to learning about the way libraries are evolving to deal with all of the technological changes that have happened over the last several years.

I'm a very organized, self driven person who has a great respect for punctuality and due dates. I'm well versed in Office and most blogging platforms. I'm hoping to work with other self motivated students who share my interests. 

While I am coming to this class with little library experience I do have some preconceived notions about field. For starters I assume that to work in a LIS profession one must have a large degree of appreciation and respect for all kinds of information, whether it be digital, analog or something else entirely.  It would seem to me that librarians deal in information like Starbucks barista's deal in coffee, so it makes sense to me that anyone pursuing such a information heavy profession would care about it in a large capacity.

I also expect to see an interest in preservation among LIS professionals. Books seem to be just the start. With everything from 24 hour news channels with historic breaking coverage to twitter feeds to blogs like this there are resources being created every minute. All of these resources are important, as are the physical books that are more easily associated with libraries. It would seem to me that there would be a large sect of the LIS population interested in preserving these resources.

Lastly, and probably the assumption that I've had the longest, is that people with careers in LIS care about sharing knowledge. I guess this relates to my other two assumptions. If you care about information in general and want to work to preserve it than it would seem obvious that you'd also want to share it.

I look forward to working with all of you.