Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halfway There

So I'm a little more than halfway through my first semester of school. That means I should probably look back and see what I've learned and what directions I'm leaning, yeah? I'm glad we're on the same page.

This semester has presented me with a lot of things. When I first started I was very excited for my Information Professional class because while I had a general idea of what I'd hoped to do with an MLIS I wasn't sure what would be the best fit for my skill set, or even if one existed. Now with several assignments and many weeks of classes under my belt I'm finally planning for my future.

I've focused most of my posts on my interests in working at some sort of archival institution. This isn't exactly surprising, as I was leaning towards archival work when I applied for Wayne State back in the spring, but I have noticed a change in my overall opinions and goals over the course of this semester that any desire that I may have had to work in a public library, especially as a children's librarian, is completely gone. Admittedly it wasn't a large want in the first place, like I said I was already leaning in another direction, but it was an option and it's one that I no longer feel fits my professional goals.

I have found the prompts for this blog to be very helpful in exploring aspects of the library profession that I otherwise wouldn't have thought of. Professional societies and journals were very intimidating concepts to me and being forced to actually look into ones that fit my interests was very enlightening.

Now to tackle the rest of the semester!

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